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Insurance for Electric Vehicles: What You Need to Know

Are you considering switching to an electric vehicle, or have you recently purchased one? Here at Kriener Insurance, we serve Woodbury, MN, and the surrounding areas. We understand that insuring an electric vehicle can come with its own set of questions and challenges. That is why we provided some information about insurance coverage for electric vehicles to ensure you’re fully protected and can have peace of mind when traveling.

Understanding Electric Vehicle Insurance Needs

Electric vehicles are different from traditional gas-powered cars, and so are their insurance needs. Generally, electric vehicles may require higher insurance premiums due to their advanced technology because of the cost of their parts and the specialized repairs they might need if damaged. 

Coverage Essentials for Electric Vehicles

When insuring your electric vehicle, there are a few coverages you’ll want to ensure are included in your policy. Comprehensive and collision coverages are crucial, as they protect against physical damage to your vehicle. However, you should also consider additional liability coverage, as the higher value of electric vehicles can increase potential liability costs.

Special Considerations Like Batteries 

Owning an electric vehicle also brings some unique considerations. Battery coverage is a significant aspect since replacing an electric vehicle battery can be extremely costly. So keep that in mind.

Ready to Secure Your Electric Vehicle with the Right Coverage today?

If you’re in the Woodbury, MN, area and considering insurance for your electric vehicle or want to update your existing coverage, contact us here at Kriener Insurance. We’re here to help you navigate the specifics of electric vehicle insurance, ensuring you have the protection you need to drive confidently and securely. Let’s talk about how we can meet your insurance needs today.

What’s the Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision in Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive and collision are two of the most significant types of auto insurance coverage to understand. While drivers in Woodbury, MN generally aren’t required by state law to carry these coverages, they can provide important substantial protection if there’s a covered accident. Both coverages help pay to repair or replace your own car.

Collision Insurance Explained

Collision insurance normally covers your vehicle if you’re involved in a collision, which is generally defined as hitting another moving vehicle. It usually covers damages to your car if someone else hits you or if you hit someone else.

Neither collision nor comprehensive cover damages to other vehicles. That’s what liability coverages are for.

Comprehensive Insurance Details

Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers situations that aren’t collisions with other vehicles. This includes theft, damage from weather events like hail or tornadoes, fire, falling objects, and even riots or vandalism. Hitting animals and telephone poles can also qualify as comprehensive claims since no other vehicle is involved.

Again, comprehensive coverage typically applies to damage your vehicle sustains during these events.

Choosing a Deductible

Both types of insurance typically come with a deductible, which is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurer pays the rest. Selecting a higher deductible can lower your premium costs, but it means you’ll pay more when you file a claim.

Get Help Finding the Right Auto Insurance Protections

If you need help insuring a vehicle in Woodbury, MN, contact us at Kriener Insurance. We can help you sort through collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and other important auto insurance protections.

Coverage you can add to a basic auto policy

The first thing that you want to be sure of is that your car has basic auto coverage. This is what is mandated by the state. At Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN, we are independent insurance agents who work for our customers. We ensure we find the right policy at the right price to meet your particular needs. 

In Minnesota, the basic auto insurance requirements are liability coverage of 30/60/10, PIP of 40/20/20, and underinsured and uninsured coverage of 25/50. This covers other people who might be injured in an accident you are responsible for. It is $30,000 for one person injured, $60,000 total for all injuries in an accident, and $10,000 for damage to their vehicle. 

PIP is personal injury coverage for hospitalization and loss of wages etc. Uninsured and underinsured are self-explanatory. But what about if you have a loan on your vehicle? The lien holder will require you to cover the car they are still interested in. 

Even if you don’t have a car loan, your vehicle may be necessary for your daily life. If you have enough money to be able to afford to repair your vehicle yourself, then you may not need to have collision and comprehensive coverage. But if, like most people, paying a few thousand dollars would be a hardship, then adding collision and comprehensive to your policy would be a good idea. It will pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle minus a deductible. 

If you are purchasing a new vehicle, you should consider gap insurance. It will cover the difference between the amount the insurance company will pay to replace your vehicle and the amount you owe on your auto loan. Your vehicle decreases in value when you drive out of the showroom. 

Contact Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN if you have questions about auto insurance. We are here for you. 

Don’t Drive Without Insurance – It’s Against the Law!

If you live in the Woodbury, MN area and are a licensed driver, make sure you have car insurance. Kriener Insurance can provide the coverage you need to make sure you are in compliance with the law.

Why Auto Insurance?

There are only two states in the country that do not require drivers to be insured. If you live in Virginia or New Hampshire, car insurance is not required. But residents in the other 48 states are by law required to have it.

If you are at fault in a car accident, you will be held responsible for any resulting expenses. These expenses could be legal fees, the injured party’s medical costs, or lost income if they are unable to work. If you are driving without car insurance, the financial consequences can be disastrous.

Uninsured motorist coverage is also required in many states. This pays for medical expenses for you and any passengers you have if you are hit by a driver that does not have enough car insurance or none at all. This does not cover other drivers.

States that have a no-fault car insurance system in place require drivers to have PIP (personal injury protection). This pays your medical bills no matter who is at fault.

There are three types of automobile coverage:

  • Liability coverage protects you if you are at fault in an accident. It pays for another individual’s costs to repair their vehicle and their medical expenses resulting from the accident. Most states have legal minimum requirements regarding how much liability coverage is needed. It is wise to purchase more than is needed to lower your chance of out-of-pocket costs later.
  • Collision coverage protects you if you hit another car or non-moving object. It will help cover the costs of repairing your car regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from vandalism, theft, fire, weather events, etc.  This coverage is usually sold along with collision coverage.

Contact Us Today

If you live in or near the Woodbury, MN area, contact Kriener Insurance for a quote or an answer to any questions you may have. You will be glad you did.

Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

Every motorist understands that a car insurance policy protects their vehicle when accidents happen. However, most don’t understand that car insurance has exclusions. We understand because what is covered is usually in bold, but exclusions are found in fine print and often in jargon difficult for a layperson to understand.

If you don’t understand your policy document, consult with Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN. In most cases, your car insurance may not cover the below:

Personal items

If your laptop is lost or damaged while inside your car, it will be wrong to assume that your car insurance will cover the loss. You have to claim using your home or renters insurance for lost or damaged personal items.

Commercial use

You started a small business, and suddenly, your client base is expanding. You use your car to run business operations since you don’t have the capital to buy a business vehicle. While there is nothing wrong with this, all you need to do is upgrade your personal auto insurance to commercial. Otherwise, you will be walking a tightrope if you are still using personal auto insurance to run business errands.

Normal wear and tear

Like most things, your car will wear down over the years due to use. When your paint starts chipping away, or your suspension starts caving in, don’t expect your insurer to cover the damage. Your insurer expects you to take proper care of your car to derail wear and tear.

Accidents outside the geographical area of operation

Most car insurance policies will cover you within the borders of America. If you travel abroad, always purchase an add-on because your standard auto insurance won’t cover damage and injuries outside American borders.

Want to learn more about car insurance? Please get in touch with Kriener Insurance for more information. We will also help you get an affordable car insurance policy.

Is auto insurance a necessity?

Are you a car owner or aspiring to buy a new or second-hand car in Woodbury, MN? It’s imperative to understand that auto insurance is not only vital for your vehicle but also for your financial liability as well. If you are involved in an accident, you could plunge yourself into paying hundreds of dollars if not thousands for resulting damages and injuries out of pocket. Therefore, it’s paramount to buy prolific auto insurance in Woodbury, MN because it helps you cater to damage to your vehicle or any overall medical costs for you or your passengers sustained after an accident. Please feel free to speak to our dedicated agents at Kriener Insurance, and they will assist you in designing a customizable auto insurance quote that matches your lifestyle and budget.

Is auto insurance a necessity?

The versatile benefits of auto insurance are plentiful, particularly when you are involved in an accident. Devoid of magnificent insurance in Woodbury, MN you will be required to pay for injuries and damages out-of-pocket and navigate the aftermath on your own. Auto insurance harbors the following benefits.

It safeguards you against lawsuits.

Did you know that you could lose your assets after causing a significant accident propagating massive injuries and damage to the other party’s properties? Luckily, with auto insurance, you get assistance with claims that third parties file against you after an accident. That encompasses legal defense if you require it.

It’s a legal requirement.

Many states, including Minnesota, advocate for all drivers to carry a car insurance policy to drive on their roads to guarantee their protection. Minnesota is also a no-fault insurance state. Driving without the minimum requirements mandated by the state may attract dire consequences such as losing driving privileges and sometimes being sent to jail.

Liability protection

Liability protection is a legal requirement in many states to drive a car. Liability coverage helps you cater to expenses emanating from injuries and property damage you inflict on other parties after being deemed responsible for an accident.

Asset protection

Owning a car is a significant milestone for any Woodbury, MN, resident. Therefore, it warrants formidable protection from imminent perils like theft and other calamities. Comprehensive coverage repairs or replaces your vehicle after being stolen or damaged by non-collision events like fire. Additionally, collision coverage repairs or replaces your car if it gets physically damaged through collision with other vehicles or stationary objects.

Do you have auto insurance in Woodbury, MN? If not, you need to get one as soon as possible to guarantee your protection and that for your car. Please call or visit us at Kriener Insurance and get detailed information about auto insurance.

4 Popular Myths About Auto Insurance

The auto insurance industry is large and can be difficult and complex to understand. With all the information going around, it becomes challenging to differentiate between facts and myths. Getting yourself and other users protected when you are behind the wheel is one of the best things to do. However, these myths have bound and left people misinformed about auto insurance coverages.

Like other myths, car insurance myths start from the truth, and then the truth is distorted as the information circulates. To help put your mind at ease and clear the misinformation, Kriener Insurance of Woodbury, MN, is here to demystify four popular auto insurance myths. 

The color of your vehicle affects the premium rates

Perhaps this is the most common myth in the auto insurance industry. The truth is the color of your car does not affect your auto insurance costs. The cost has several determining factors such as the model of the car, the make, the engine size, body type, age of the car, and driving records.

Your credit does not affect your insurance rates

Your credit history is a significant factor that determines your premium cost. Insurance companies usually look at your credit score to check how well you can manage your finances and your likelihood of filing a claim. Those with good credit history pay less since they are seen as having a lower risk.

The minimum liability coverage is adequate

Although almost all states require you to carry the minimum liability coverage, it may not be sufficient in the event of an accident. It means you will dig from your pocket if your vehicle gets damaged, or you sustain an injury in an accident.

If someone else was driving your car during the accident, their insurance would pay for damages

This is also a common myth in the auto insurance industry. It’s important to understand that that auto insurance follows the vehicle — not the driver. If you lend your car to a friend or relative, your car insurance is the one that will be at play and not theirs. Regardless of who was behind the wheel, the vehicle owner’s insurance will take the day.

Get the facts in Woodbury, MN

With all the myths going around about auto insurance, you need to get it right when buying your policy. It would help if you worked with a trusted insurance agent like Kriener Insurance. Contact us today for all your auto insurance needs.

Three things that might improve your auto insurance coverage

Auto insurance is essential for protecting you as a motorist. Are you on the market for auto insurance in Woodbury, MN? We are a provider of auto insurance at Kriener Insurance.

It’s important to get as much as you can out of your auto insurance policy. The following are three things that might improve your auto insurance coverage.

Change providers

If you are disappointed with your current coverage, you might be able to enjoy better coverage by changing your provider. Changing your provider could mean you will enjoy better quality coverage at a lower price.

You can explore your coverage options using the Internet. Get quotes on various policies by using comparison sites. Figure out what types of coverage you want and need. Then, do your research to find providers who will offer you improved coverage over what you’ve gotten previously. 

Explore features and coverage options

You might be disappointed with your coverage because you aren’t aware of all the coverage types available to you.

Make sure you know what liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage are. Also, explore options like roadside assistance, rental car coverage, premium discounts, and more. 

Raise your limits

The higher your policy maximum coverage limits are, the better your auto insurance is. Invest in higher coverage limits to improve your coverage.

When your policy offers more coverage, you are more financially protected if you are involved in an accident and have to file a claim. 

Get the best auto insurance policy in Woodbury, MN. If you’d like to learn more about auto insurance coverage, contact us at Kriener Insurance. We can help you to meet your insurance needs. 


Risks of Not Having Auto Insurance

Driving a car is one of the most dangerous daily activities. No matter how well you drive and how carefully you obey traffic rules, you are not immune to car accidents. Anything can happen on the road, and the only way to protect yourself and your vehicle is to have auto insurance. If you decide not to carry car insurance, there are certain risks you should be aware of. 

Risk of Being Ticketed or Arrested

If you are a car owner from Woodbury, MN, or anywhere else in Minnesota, you should know that driving without insurance is considered a misdemeanor offense that is punishable by a fine ranging between $200 and $1,000. In some cases, a driver with no insurance is punished by imprisonment for up to 90 days. 

Risk of License Suspension

44 of the 50 states, including Minnesota, will suspend your driving license if you are caught driving without auto insurance. This punishment is most likely coupled with a hefty fine. 

Risk of Being Liable for Cost of Repairs in Case of Accident

If you are at fault for causing a car accident and you do not have insurance, then you will have to pay for all the repairs yourself. Depending on the amount of damage, it might be a lot of money. Other drivers and passengers could also sue you for damages and physical injuries. 

Risking Other People’s Lives

If you decide to drive with no insurance, you put at risk not only on yourself but other passengers as well. If an accident occurs and you and other passengers in your car need medical help, you will have to pay for them out of your pocket. 

At Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Driving without insurance is risky and not worth it. If you are still thinking whether you should get auto insurance, call Kriener Insurance today to go over available options. 


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