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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Renter’s Insurance

There are some advantages to living in a rental property. If a pipe bursts or a pest problem gets out of hand, you can always get your landlord to take care of it. However, your landlord can’t be held responsible for everything, so having some renter’s insurance to cover the unforeseen is a good idea. Of course, there are a few things you may want to know before getting into renter’s insurance. 

Is Rental Insurance a Requirement?

Not by law, but some landlords will make it part of the lease agreement. It’s proof that you’re a low-risk tenant and will cover housing costs should you be displaced due to damage to the rental property. 

What All Does Rental Insurance Cover?

The standard policy covers liability, medical payments, loss, and personal property. If someone or their property is damaged on your rental property, rental insurance covers that and pays off their medical bills. If you can’t use your rental property because of damage, rental insurance will pay your hotel fee and restaurant bills. If your belongings are damaged, rental insurance will cover that. 

Is Rental Insurance Expensive?

Some policies are so inexpensive that college students can afford them. College students and renters with very little in the way of savings are prime candidates for rental insurance to prevent being wiped out by an unavoidable disaster. 

Will My Roommate’s Policy Cover My Belongings?

This is one thing roommates don’t typically share. Not all insurance companies or states will allow roommates to share a policy, so it may be best to get your own.  

Contact Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN

Do you have more questions? Most likely, you do. If you are in Woodbury, MN, the agents at Kriener Insurance will be happy to help with any questions or concerns. 

Is Filing a Claim for Umbrella Insurance Complicated?

Whether you’re a Woodbury, MN resident who will be filing an umbrella insurance claim for the first time or have just purchased a policy and you’d like to know what the process is like, that’s understandable. Only certain people purchase umbrella insurance policies, usually those with higher incomes and assets worth more than the average person. While many people believe that filing an umbrella insurance claim is complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Here is what you can expect when filing an umbrella insurance claim:

Know When to File an Umbrella Insurance Claim

There are only certain times when a person needs to file a claim against their umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is available to ensure you’re not paying out of pocket after your primary homeowners, auto, or some other type of insurance has been exhausted. For instance, if you cause a severe car crash that causes many people to become seriously injured, you should file a claim with your auto insurance first. 

Filing an Umbrella Insurance Claim is Easy

It’s easy to file a claim with your umbrella insurance, and you can contact them by phone or file a claim online just like you did with your auto or homeowners insurance. As long as your deductible has been met, your umbrella insurance provider should approve your claim after an investigation. While there’s never a guarantee that your claim will be approved, as long as the insurance company has all the facts necessary, the claim should be pretty uncomplicated. 

As you can see, filing an umbrella insurance claim doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Your insurance agent can walk you through the process, which will hopefully be over soon. If you’re in the Woodbury, MN area and need a new insurance provider, consider us at Kriener Insurance. At Kriener Insurance, we go above and beyond to ensure fair prices and excellent customer service. 

Don’t Neglect High-Quality Life Insurance When Starting a Family

Life insurance is a critical protection that helps families around the world recover after the death of a loved one. At Kriener Insurance, we know that many Woodbury, MN residents are looking to start families soon, and they deserve great insurance that makes sense for their needs.

Your Family Deserves Protection 

Here’s the thing about starting a family: you’re basically expanding your responsibilities exponentially. Even marrying someone or committing to a partner deepens your range of personal demands. Furthermore, having children complicates this process even further. 

Even if you’re young, you might pass away unexpectedly. If you’re the leading financial partner in the family, they might struggle after. As a result, it’s essential to protect them in any way you can by providing high-quality life insurance that meets their needs for years to come.

Choosing a Life Insurance Policy 

When picking a life insurance policy, knowing what types are available is important. Term life insurance covers you for a specific number of years or a “term.” This often includes 20-30 years. If you’re young, this might not be your best option, as whole-life policies cover the rest of your life. 

Note that you also have to consider things like who gets your payout and the amount of money they receive. Talk with your family about this situation to gauge how much you can afford to pay and find a policy that will cover your burial and provide a little cushion after you pass.

Get Help Today

With the support of our crew at Kriener Insurance, you can find a life insurance policy in Woodbury, MN, that works for your needs. Just as importantly, you can protect your family and avoid serious long-term problems. Call us today to set up your appointment and to buy a policy that works for you.

What’s the Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision in Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive and collision are two of the most significant types of auto insurance coverage to understand. While drivers in Woodbury, MN generally aren’t required by state law to carry these coverages, they can provide important substantial protection if there’s a covered accident. Both coverages help pay to repair or replace your own car.

Collision Insurance Explained

Collision insurance normally covers your vehicle if you’re involved in a collision, which is generally defined as hitting another moving vehicle. It usually covers damages to your car if someone else hits you or if you hit someone else.

Neither collision nor comprehensive cover damages to other vehicles. That’s what liability coverages are for.

Comprehensive Insurance Details

Comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, covers situations that aren’t collisions with other vehicles. This includes theft, damage from weather events like hail or tornadoes, fire, falling objects, and even riots or vandalism. Hitting animals and telephone poles can also qualify as comprehensive claims since no other vehicle is involved.

Again, comprehensive coverage typically applies to damage your vehicle sustains during these events.

Choosing a Deductible

Both types of insurance typically come with a deductible, which is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurer pays the rest. Selecting a higher deductible can lower your premium costs, but it means you’ll pay more when you file a claim.

Get Help Finding the Right Auto Insurance Protections

If you need help insuring a vehicle in Woodbury, MN, contact us at Kriener Insurance. We can help you sort through collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and other important auto insurance protections.

Will commercial insurance cover the personal car I use for business?

Business insurance covers most or all of the working parts of your business. This includes liability coverage for accidents, lawsuits, losses, and much more. Commercial insurance is versatile in that it’s designed to fit the unique needs of different businesses. Many business owners use vehicles to meet the needs of their businesses. As a result, auto insurance is a necessity. Your commercial insurance can also cover your vehicle for business use. The Kriener Insurance group is here to help St. Paul and Woodbury, MN business owners understand the benefits of commercial insurance and get the coverage they need. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is designed for businesses, not individuals. Typically, business insurance provides coverage that ranges from coverage for natural disasters, lawsuits, accidents, employee injuries, and more. Commercial insurance is versatile in that it’s designed to meet the specific needs of a business. Worker compensation is a part of commercial insurance that protects employees injured on the job. In short, commercial insurance provides coverage for the employees and the business itself.

Will Commercial Insurance Cover the Personal Car I Use for Business?

No. Many business owners use their vehicles for business. However, they must also carry commercial auto insurance for their personal vehicle to be covered for business activities. If you have an accident while using your personal car for business, your personal auto insurance doesn’t have to cover the accident. Personal car insurance is designed to cover accidents that cover personal use, not business use. Commercial insurance can also include commercial auto insurance. You can use your personal car for business. However, you need to purchase or add commercial auto insurance coverage to your business/commercial policy. If you have questions about commercial insurance and what it covers, call Kriener Insurance Group in Woodbury, MN. We’d be happy to help you explore your options. 

My mailbox was vandalized. Will my homeowners’ insurance pay for the repair or replacement?

Homeowners have a variety of responsibilities regarding the upkeep and care of their homes. Many of these responsibilities can be costly if a homeowner is required to pay for the repair or replacement of these things out-of-pocket. Fortunately, homeowners insurance provides protection and coverage for homeowners and their homes and personal property. Our team at Kriener Insurance understands the responsibilities and financial liability that homeowners carry and is committed to helping Woodbury, MN homeowners understand the many benefits of homeowners insurance. 

What are some Benefits of Homeowners’ Insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides liability protection for homeowners, as well as protection and coverage for the home and personal property. If a covered incident occurs, homeowners insurance pays for the repair or replacement of the house and the repair or replacement of a homeowner’s personal property. Homeowners’ insurance up to a certain covered amount provides the funds needed to rebuild a structure. Liability coverage is also a benefit if someone is injured on your property or someone’s personal belongings or property is damaged while they are visiting your property. Liability coverage also includes legal protection for homeowners. 

Will my homeowners’ insurance pay for repairing or replacing my mailbox?

Yes. Your homeowner’s dwelling coverage would cover vandalism and pay for the repair or replacement of your mailbox. This coverage also includes damage to your yard, patio furniture, and more. If you had a she-shed that was vandalized, it would also cover the repair for replacement. Any vandalized structure or personal item on your property is eligible for dwelling coverage. Homeowners insurance will cover any damage caused by a covered peril or incident. If you have more questions regarding homeowners insurance benefits, call Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN. We’d be happy to answer them and help you explore your options. 

You May Need Renters Insurance More Than You Think

Renting a home or apartment has become a popular option for many people. Individuals who do not want the financial responsibility of home ownership may choose to rent. People often think they don’t need renters insurance because they choose to live minimally and have few possessions. However, they might not realize how expensive it would be to replace the items they do have. Renters insurance is a cost-effective way to protect yourself against costly losses if a hazard occurs. At Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN, we can help you get the insurance coverage you need while renting your living space.

Everyday Items Cost Thousands To Replace After A Loss

Fire, theft, or vandalism can be an upsetting event, but it can also be expensive. You may have designer clothing that would be a significant expense to replace. You may have high-end electronic equipment that you depend on for work or for your own personal use that would make a big dent in your savings to replace. Sports or gym equipment can be a significant expense to replace after a loss event. If you have jewelry, furs, or artwork, you would have a significant loss if you had to replace these items on your own. That’s why renters insurance makes so much sense. If an unexpected loss occurs, you are not left with the full cost of restoring your possessions.

What Does Renter Insurance Cover?

Many renters think their landlord’s insurance will cover their possessions if a loss occurs, but this is not the case. Renters insurance covers such items as clothing, shoes, furniture, electronics, appliances, home linens, hobby equipment, musical instruments, bicycles, and kitchen equipment. Your renter’s insurance policy also provides funds for alternative living costs while your apartment is being repaired and restored, which also helps to limit your costs when a loss occurs.

Renters Insurance Also Protects Your Finances

Renters insurance also provides liability coverage in case someone is hurt while on your property. Insurance coverage can protect you against expensive lawsuits resulting from a fall, a dog bite, or other accidents.

Make Kriener Insurance Your Agent For Renters Insurance

If you have questions about renters insurance coverage, you can rely on our experienced agents in Woodbury, MN to provide the answers you need to make the right decision. We offer many insurance products for our clientele, including auto, home, watercraft, health, and life. Contact Kriener Insurance today for a no-obligation quote on renters insurance that will help you avoid expensive replacement costs in case of a loss event.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover: A Guide to the Right Policy

When you look into insurance coverage, you probably focus on things like auto and home. Those are important, but they aren’t necessarily enough. Depending on the coverage limits for your policies, you might find that a claim would exceed those limits. That could potentially put your assets and your future at risk. If you’re in the Woodbury, MN area, Kriener Insurance can help you reduce that risk with an umbrella insurance policy.

Many people assume that umbrella coverage is only needed if you have a lot of assets, but that’s not necessarily the case. Nearly anyone can benefit from this kind of policy because it adds an extra layer of protection on top of what you already have. Much like an umbrella that covers you when it rains, an umbrella policy gives you coverage from the unexpected.

Many companies offer umbrella coverage, and they can have different limits, requirements, and other details. So, how do you know which one you should choose? That’s where a trusted insurance agent comes into the picture. It’s essential to get the best option for your needs; an agent can give you plenty of good advice. By showing you different policies from insurers, your agent can help you choose the one that’s truly right for you.

If you’re looking for umbrella insurance in the Woodbury, MN area, contact us at Kriener Insurance today. We’re here to help you find the policy that meets your needs, so you can have coverage over and above what your other policies provide. Not only does that help you protect your assets, but it can also go a long way toward giving you additional peace of mind.

Safeguard Your Family’s Future: Why You Need Life Insurance in Minnesota

Are you considering getting life insurance to help shield your loved ones from financial devastation upon your passing? Life insurance provides financial protection and support for the family of policyholders in the event of their death.

Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN, can help you and your loved ones choose the best life insurance policy for your needs. 

A Minnesota Life Insurance Policy is an Investment in Your Family’s Future

Not having the right life insurance policy in place can wreak havoc on your family’s finances when they can’t afford to pay essential bills like mortgages, rent, or other immediate expenses upon your passing. 

Choosing the best life insurance policy to protect your family’s financial interest is an investment in your family’s financial future that can be felt for generations. 

Financial Protection for Your Loved Ones 

One of the primary benefits of having life insurance is that it shields your loved ones from financial ruin. 

Your life insurance policy can help your closest family members cover some or all of the following expenses. 

  • Funeral-related Expenses
  • Burial Costs
  • Mortgage payments
  • Rent Payments
  • Educational Costs
  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Outstanding Debts

Experienced agents can help you choose the best policy. 

Get Sound Insurance Advice from Compassionate Minnesota Life Insurance Experts

Life insurance policies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Learning about the various insurance options like term life, whole life, and premium policy add-ons like estate planning can help secure your family’s financial future. 

Trying to sort out the details and choose the best policy doesn’t have to be complicated when you talk to an experienced insurance agent at Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN, to learn about more benefits that life insurance can offer you and your family. 

Coverage you can add to a basic auto policy

The first thing that you want to be sure of is that your car has basic auto coverage. This is what is mandated by the state. At Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN, we are independent insurance agents who work for our customers. We ensure we find the right policy at the right price to meet your particular needs. 

In Minnesota, the basic auto insurance requirements are liability coverage of 30/60/10, PIP of 40/20/20, and underinsured and uninsured coverage of 25/50. This covers other people who might be injured in an accident you are responsible for. It is $30,000 for one person injured, $60,000 total for all injuries in an accident, and $10,000 for damage to their vehicle. 

PIP is personal injury coverage for hospitalization and loss of wages etc. Uninsured and underinsured are self-explanatory. But what about if you have a loan on your vehicle? The lien holder will require you to cover the car they are still interested in. 

Even if you don’t have a car loan, your vehicle may be necessary for your daily life. If you have enough money to be able to afford to repair your vehicle yourself, then you may not need to have collision and comprehensive coverage. But if, like most people, paying a few thousand dollars would be a hardship, then adding collision and comprehensive to your policy would be a good idea. It will pay for the repair or replacement of your vehicle minus a deductible. 

If you are purchasing a new vehicle, you should consider gap insurance. It will cover the difference between the amount the insurance company will pay to replace your vehicle and the amount you owe on your auto loan. Your vehicle decreases in value when you drive out of the showroom. 

Contact Kriener Insurance in Woodbury, MN if you have questions about auto insurance. We are here for you. 

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